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Xerox Workplace Cloud

Unlock Advanced Print Management with Xerox Workplace Cloud

Free up your IT resources while maintaining maximum security.

The Xerox Workplace Cloud, easy to set up and easy to use, is becoming a fixture in workplaces as businesses look for ways to automate mundane tasks and boost productivity, streamline the workforce, make data more accessible, and create a mobile-friendly environment.

Hosted by Microsoft Azure, this workplace cloud is the perfect solution for hybrid workplaces. It makes it easier to print from any device and from any network. At home or on the go, get your print job done quickly and efficiently. Users will also get advanced reporting and user analytics for printing in the office,

Organizations have gone one step further by leveraging Universal Print by Microsoft to migrate their print services to the cloud. With advanced security, cost-control, and cloud print for all operating systems used in the business, including Mac, Chrome OS, and mobile devices, this print management system fits perfectly in your workplace.

Why opt for the Cloud?

While printing and its accompanying jobs may seem low on the priority list for business owners, it is still an integral part of the workflow. When neglected, these jobs can pose numerous problems.

  • Security
  • Managing print jobs cost-effectively
  • Mobility

The Perfect, Dependable Workplace buddy

Here are some reasons why every workplace should have The Xerox Workplace Cloud.

Security – Every business owner’s main concern is data security and Xerox Workplace Cloud delivers. With a swipe of an authorized phone or tap of a badge, Xerox provides a safe avenue to access printers, start, and release print jobs. Now, you can have the peace of mind that only authorized users can access the printers.

Seamless transition - Xerox Workplace Cloud with the help of Universal Print enables a seamless migration of data to the cloud. All users need to do is register an account with Microsoft 365 and their printers are instantly connected.

The dream of a hybrid workplace – The Xerox Workplace Cloud is compatible with all devices including Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and more. This helps to connect to the printer securely from any device and any location.

Transparent– Users have access to the Workplace Cloud Analytics where they can see ways to overcome inefficiencies, enable cost-saving opportunities and further streamline the workflow.

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