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Digital Colour Printing

Transform your classroom with Digital Colour Printing

Colour printing is a powerful asset to today’s educators - it engages and inspires students to learn better and produce their best work. Here’s why digital colour printing can enhance your classroom information.

Your school might be hesitant to explore colour as an option due to concerns about print cost, but the value of integrating colour throughout your classroom engages your students and enhances their learning experience. Teachers can use colour for a variety of purposes in the classroom – from textbooks to handouts to activity sheets to visual aids.

Read our guide on why the classroom could use a tool such as digital colour printing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

1. You can improve student engagement easily and instantly.

Quality colour printing is a key asset in a wide range of classroom scenarios, in the following ways:

  • You can create visual aids for use in the classroom and communicate complex concepts to your students
  • You can use them in handouts, games, activity posters, and custom calendars for the students

Students often engage better with colour materials which draw their attention – because the information is immediately sent to the colour center of the brain and then to the areas responsible for easily detecting motion and shapes. Indeed, this works particularly well for charts and graphs, and for retention.

2. Enhance student learning experience in Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics

Today’s students regularly engage with colour while browsing content in the digital world, so why not bring it to the physical learning? Students read paper content more effectively than content delivered on e-devices. However, a series of black and white content might confuse and bore students. In contrast, colour can spark their interest in brainstorming and increase their interactivity with the material.

Colour printing has encouraged the STEAM movement and trend in education and can take it forward.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, and Mathematics) education can weave arts into subjects such as maths to show the different fields can complement each other. Here, students might use colour to create and print an original drawing that incorporates the golden ratio, a mathematical concept which has influenced several works of arts and was derived from the world of nature.

3. Make learning accessible to all students and their needs

Not every student is the same, and while colour improves all their educational experiences, it is particularly useful for students suffering from learning disorder such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia. Digital colour printing techniques such as gradients can be incorporated to improve the experience for these students.

The gradient technique has the following benefits for students:

  • Draws students’ eyes automatically from left to right, which is helpful for reading
  • Makes sure young learners do not skip any sentences or information
  • Helps learners focus if they keep getting distracted by the information overload
  • Can distinguish which are the most important concepts and which are not

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