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right poster sizes

The guide to understanding the right poster sizes to brighten up your classroom!

Let's make learning fun and effective!

What are posters, and how they are different from flyers?

Every classroom needs posters to brighten up the room and create a fun learning environment for students, irrespective of their age.

What are posters?

Posters are temporary promotional materials that are attached to walls or any vertical surface. They tend to differ from other art mediums since they use both text and image elements to convey the message to the target audience.

In classrooms, they are used in bright colours and fun fonts to make learning more interesting. This way, the teachers can also highlight the words they want to stand out and stay in the students' minds. colors

The graphic elements are eye-catching while the text present is informative and has a clear call to action. Printing posters are cheap because they are single-paged and can be printed in bulk.

What is the difference between a poster and a flyer?

A lot of us get confused between flyers and posters. One of the main differences between posters and flyers is that posters are bigger in size while flyers come in smaller sizes for easy use. Posters are stuck on walls while flyers are handed out, and poster content could be motivational, instructional, educational, or informational, while flyers are mainly used for advertising purposes.

Posters are one of the go-to marketing methods. This is because they bring a slew of advantages.

Some benefits are:

  • Cost-effective means of getting the message across
  • Versatile and fits into any environment can talk about any topics
  • Non-intrusive
  • Posters are a great way to spread brand awareness
  • Can reach a broader audience
  • Can come in different shapes and sizes

Posters come in different sizes.

Here are some standard sizes when it comes to poster printing

  • 16" x 20"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 20" x 30"
  • 22" x 28"
  • 27" x 40"
  • 36" x 48"

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