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Large format printing

How can wide format printing help promote your business?

Get your marketing message in front of the customers you want to target.

If you want your business to get noticed, wide-format printing is the best way to go. Whether inside at an event or on a billboard on a crowded road, when it comes to printing, the bigger, the better. The large images and text make your brand come to life.

Wide-format printing includes window displays, hoardings, billboards, long banners, wide charts, wall art, and sometimes even vehicle graphics.

This type of printing is vital in your branding journey because it immediately grabs your audience's attention and makes them curious to learn more about the products and services you offer.

Benefits of wide-format printing

  • Long-lasting – Wide-format printing may be required to stay outside, such as billboards. Hence, maintaining image quality is important. Wide-format posters constructed from durable and UV-resistant materials will do the job. It will withstand different weather conditions without letting the image and messaging fade out.
  • Boosts visibility – The size of the poster plays a big role in increasing brand recognition. Information about your brand discounts is immediately visible to your target audience. Also, when the printing catches the eye of the people on a daily basis, it is on the top of their minds.
  • Print on demand – Unlike traditional offset printing, wide-format printing can be done only on-demand, reducing surplus and wastage.
  • Relatively fast – Wide-format printing and digital printing take a similar amount of time to get the work done, even though different devices are used. So, it will be easy to print posters, banners, or other last marketing collateral on a tight schedule.

CAD Reprographics - Experts in wide format printing

CAD Reprographics is the place to go if you want the best-quality, visually appealing wide format prints for your business. We don’t stop at just printing. We go above and beyond for our customers by suggesting ideas that can enhance your poster, and we will help you with customized logos and designs that will best convey your brand message and make an impression that consumers will not forget.

Get in touch with us for your large format printing needs. From banners to conference signage to floor graphics, CAD Reprographics has you covered!Contact us at our websitewww.offers.cadreprographics.com