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right cartridge for your printer

Choose the right cartridge for your printer

It is not difficult choosing a cartridge for your printer as long as you read the manual that comes with your printing machine.

Printers, be it inkjet or laser, have multiple cartridges that will often require replacements. The cartridges contain numbers that will help you identify correctly if they will be compatible with your printer.

It is important to buy the right kind of cartridges for your printer because using the wrong one can lead to a lot of inconveniences, including damaged hardware and discoloured printouts. However, printers are very smart and detect when the wrong cartridge is used. An error message will be shown on the screen. And, until you use the correct cartridge, the printer will not cooperate.

However, there are some things to consider while buying the printer and by extension, the cartridges. Along with looking at the exact match for your printer, also take a look at your printing output and monthly print volume. This analysis will help you optimize your printing and save money.

Laser Printer

Businesses dealing with a high-printing load go for laser printers.

Laser Printers use toner cartridges. Unlike ink, toners are powdery substances. You should never mix toner and ink cartridges because the printer will simply not work. Always keep the cartridges in stock and try buying the cartridges directly from the manufacturer.

Usually, toner cartridges print 2000 pages per cartridge. This is why they are preferred for high printing load.

Inkjet Printer

When getting an Inkjet printer, check the printer box and manual to check what type of cartridge and ink is required and compatible with the machine. Inkjet ink cartridges come in black and coloured cartridges. Both are required for any printer to run properly.

You will also need to keep a tab on how soon the cartridges run out and which printing job uses the maximum amount of ink. For instance, when you print, graphics or photos, the coloured cartridges will run out sooner.

An 11 ml cartridge can print up to 220 pages while a 16 ml cartridge can print up to 320 pages.

Tips to judge the printer cartridge quality

To find out how good your printer cartridge is, look at the printer output. If the print comes out as sloppy or runny, too much ink is used. If the print is not smooth, there are breaks and patches, and the cartridge is dry and needs to be replaced.

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