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Choose the Right Paper for Your Printing Project

A Print expert from CAD Reprographics LLC in conversation with the design head of a small business on getting the best paper to bring beautiful documentation to life based on their vision and print requirements.

Digital printing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is super easy with us. Whether you are printing books, business cards or invitations, we have curated from paper stocks with several options. We’re got materials that will suit both your corporate needs and personal projects, so you don’t have to come to us just for work! I know you’ve been looking to print a set of business cards recently, so we’ll start with that.

Design Head: Seems like everyone’s got business cards on the market. How do I make mine unique?

The material really, really, helps, as well as choosing the right colours and textures to create a mini-visual experience. We’ve got bamboo paper, which is a soft, natural material that both protects your card and gives a nice feeling to anyone holding it. We also produce business cards that can be embossed and debossed and can be on different substrates. The look is as important as the feel, really.

Design Head: You’ve eased me about the business cards, but we’ve got other things to print as well…

The right paper principle applies to anything. For instance, if you choose our white matte sticker paper sheets, you can get a full-sheet of customized and personalized labels to bring in personality. These labels will also be durable and self-adhesive, CAD Reprographics gives the best stickers printing in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Also, take flyers and brochures. They’re critical tools for brand awareness and confidence. Like the business card, a flyer that feels like a magazine cover or a glossy page between your fingers makes you want to believe in it. 100# gloss text paper is an excellent choice, and we stock that.

Design Head: What you’re discussing is really small-scale, but what if we want to create materials on a huge scale? Like decorating our interiors, or advertising on huge banners?

For the interior, you can use a canvas print board to get the rich look at an affordable price. I know you like to print big to think creatively. The canvas board gives you the freedom of creative thinking and airtight durability. Print your photos or designs and bring them to life by using our canvas print option.

For the advertising, a beautiful flex banner or a roll-up banner can get a lot of heads turning your way. A roll-up banner is lightweight and portable. We offer high-quality polyester-based material so it stands the test of time. You can print as big or small as you want with it.

Get your flex banners printed here at CADReprographics LLC, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Flex paper is ideal for advertising boards. Printing of the flags can be done in various formats, sizes and colours.

If you want to avail digital printing in Dubai, check out our website www.offers.cadreprographics.com Contact us there for the best prices, deals, and guidance. Get your business soaring with gorgeous prints!