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4 ways Xerox XMPie solutions will grow your business

A Xerox expert from CAD Reprographics LLC in conversation with a representative from a media company on how Xerox XMPie Solutions will help them thrive in the era of digital transformation.

As a print provider and media company today, you have to be aware that print is no longer solo – now the customer journey is king.

You have to create immersive experiences for your audience. Xerox’s innovation has plenty of products for you to succeed in this changing landscape – including Xerox XMPie technology.

It’s a one-stop solution to unify your work processes, deliver print in a smarter way, and branch out into other channels to give five-star consumer experiences. No matter what print engines you use, even if you’re only using press printers in Dubai, you can branch out with XMPie.

Representative: What is this XMPie technology?

Basically, XMPie is your avenue into new revenue opportunities. XMPie Solutions offer software to enable data-driven communications to unify print and digital media. With XMPie, there are products available such as Data-Driven Print (VDP), where you can create relevant and engaging personalized print that motivates your recipients to respond.

There’s also Web-To-Print (W2P) that is both high-demand and high-return and increases automation and profitability. XMPie lets you push multichannel experiences with cross-media.

It also automates your communication through scheduling, profile data, or recipient behaviour.

Representative: How does it help me deliver five-star customer experiences?

You’d have noticed that your customers are asking for things they’ve never mentioned earlier. They’ll want personalization, faster turnaround, digital ordering. They’ll want you to communicate through email, text, and video. Now, you can say yes to it all.

You can communicate with them through multiple media channels (both print and digital) while also being able to see what they do and what their patterns are. You can deliver exactly what they want through XMPie products and even expand into more lucrative services with their trust.

Representative: If I want to keep growing my business, will XMPie support that?

Yes. You can keep growing to any point, and keep adding XMPie capabilities along the way. They will complement your business needs. You can choose the XMPie product you need to add power and functionality as your business grows. If you want to diversify into new sectors as well, you’re working on a common platform, so you can run multiple job types.

Representative: We use plenty of software currently, will XMPie technology integrate with that?

Absolutely. The XMPie platform is flexible and built for growth – it can definitely integrate with and improve your current interface. It’s a very comprehensive solution that can be ramped up and extended when you need more capabilities. In fact, it’s complemented with a rich set of APIs which easily enable you to integrate with third-party systems such as CRM, ERP, MIS, or DAM.

If you want to set up Xerox XMPie technology for success in digital printing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, check out the product portfolio on our website www.cadreprographics.comLet your business thrive and grow with Xerox XMPie solutions. We'll tell you the perfect one.