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A Definitive Guide to your printers - Inkjet, Laser, and Digital

Choosing a printer that matches your needs.

With myriad printers in the market these days, choosing the right printer for your unique needs is not easy. However, there is a printer for everyone, and we will help you find one.

Printers have not changed much over the years. However, they have most certainly become more tech-savvy, more efficient, and less expensive.

The first step in choosing printers is to be clear of the purpose of your printer. They are optimized and price for different purposes. For example, some printers are specifically made for printing photos, while some are optimized for documents.

Take a look at the description below for each printer before buying your online shopping cart.

Inkjet Printer

The Inkjet printer has been around for the longest time compared to its counterparts. Inkjet printers are usually small and light and best suited for small, image-heavy documents, like photos and school projects, making a perfect home printer.

Using a traditional ink cartridge, they squirt ink to create the document and have the colours black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink, which then mix to for the other colours, if and when needed.

What was once a constant in any place of work, inkjet printers have become rarer to find with each passing day. Some reasons can be its price is slightly higher than the newer entrant in the printing industry – Laser and Digital. The ink cartridges are costly, especially for those who print documents regularly since they can only print a few hundred pages. Also, if the printer is not used for a while, the cartridges dry out, adding to the expense.

Laser Printer

Laser printers, a relatively new entrant in printing, use a light beam, drum, and toner to print documents. Compared to inkjet printers, laser printers are very fast when printing and can handle high volumes of work with ease.

One of the main reasons people swear by the laser printer these days is its ability to print perfect documents – the text is incredibly sharp with no smudges.

However, laser printers come with their challenges. They have a particular type of paper they can print on due to the heating process when the system is doing its work. While maintenance and upkeep of laser printers are relatively inexpensive, the initial purchase cost is higher than the inkjet printer. However, they are a worthy investment and perfect for small to mid-sized offices or home offices.

Digital Printer

A digital printer is an all-encompassing term for laser and inkjet printers. These days, many laser printers are called digital printers because they include scanners and fax machines, giving you and your business the added advantage of saving both time and money by performing the work of multiple machines. Essentially, any printer can be called a digital printer to receive and print documents wirelessly or from the cloud.

They are an excellent fit for the workplace and enable a seamless transition if you want to migrate to a paperless filing system. These printers have become more common in offices because of their environmental considerations and their crucial role in making work quicker and more efficient.

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