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5 factors to consider while purchasing your Xerox machine

It is undeniable now: a digital printer or copier is a huge investment for your company. Before you can sign on the dotted line and take the machine for your office, there are some factors you need to consider.

Whether for home or office needs, a Xerox machine is a huge investment. While we remain firm in our belief that CAD Reprographics LLC is the best place to purchase, lease, or hire a Xerox machine in the UAE, we do advise all our customers and prospects to evaluate their decision before taking the machine.

Read our checklist to peruse before you choose your machine.

1. Can the machine handle the capacity needed for business?

Photocopiers and multifunction printers (both A3 and A4) come in all shapes and sizes, and with various capabilities each. Many of these machines are aimed exclusively at the domestic market, but few have enough range to reach to the international market. Look closely at the machine’s stated specs and capacity, and match this to your business’ workload, both the current and what you plan to expand to in the future.

2. How important is the quality of printing and scanning?

Up to now, some of the best print capabilities were found only in the most high-end of machines. However, with the market boom, even the smallest machines have a few of these capabilities in their roster.

If possible, you have to look at samples of print and scanned output before making your choices. You can ask us to show you print samples.

3. Will your company need to manage sensitive information?

If you work in a sector that needs to manage legal and sensitive information, then you should ensure that your chosen machine has access controlled to certain members of your team and outside through PIN numbers or passwords. You also have to ensure that the MFP only allows selected team members to print copies, and the USB port is allowed to be disabled to mitigate any risk during the “off-hours”.

4. Does your company require remote working capabilities?

Post COVID-19, if you want your firm to work remotely or globally, then you have to choose a machine that has capabilities accordingly. Nowadays, printing from mobile devices is quite efficient and fast. Look closely to see if your chosen machine has Xerox Connect Key capabilities to allow you to get the apps you need to build your workflow around for remote printing.

5. What is the price of the copier?

You might think this factor comes first, but it comes after the other four for a reason. Once you have ensured that your chosen machine fulfils your needs, then understand that the cost of the machine includes the following:

  • Consumables such as toner or specialty inks
  • Transfer/fuser kit
  • Warranty plans or after-sales services
  • Insuring against downtime

Evaluate the cost of the machine adding these totals to get the final spend amount, and then decide based on that whether the machine is worth your investment.

Contact CADReprographics LLC to purchase our top Xerox products, including the best printers for home use and press printers in Dubai, at our website www.offers.cadreprographics.com. If you want to purchase Xerox Connect Key capabilities for your existing multifunction printers or know more, contact us as well.