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3 Industries That Need Document Scanning in 2021

Here are three industries that will be able to solve problems such as loss of time and money by investing in a document scanner.

Thanks to inaccurate filing methods and activities, loss of records, chaotic information distribution, and time inefficiencies in the retrieval of this information, companies across the world are facing huge delays in time and loss of money.

Document scanning is a process where you can streamline the flow of documents by transforming documents into accurate and easily accessible intelligent digital data. You can scan your archives as well as your day-to-day documents and create digital copies which prevent those problems.

While all industries need document scanning to some extent, here are three that would benefit from it immediately:

1. The legal industry (for case-related documents)

The legal industry is a file and paper-based industry that assigns various sets of documents on a case-by-case basis. All these documents have to be produced as evidence, which means that they have to exist in paper format. It is easy to lose any of these documents and storing them can often become overwhelming. Here are some of the documents that scanning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be used to digitize:

  • Invoices and bank statements for lawyers’ and legal aid assistants’ fees
  • Various case files containing data about the defendants and assigned lawyers on both sides, judge, and jury
  • Case fact and briefing papers handed out in courtrooms to the jury
  • Records of case updates and verdicts
  • Other paper and file-based evidence to be produced in courtrooms and office boards during cases

2. The healthcare industry (for patient files, prescriptions, and online databases)

The healthcare industry requires multiple documents for each patient that has been casually treated or is a long-term patient in a hospital. All these documents will have to be copied multiple times to hand out to parties involved in the patient’s healthcare (the doctors, nurses, ward assistants, families and friends) and stand a chance of being lost and damaged very easily. Patient records are difficult to recreate. Here are some of the documents that the healthcare industry uses on a regular basis:

  • Process guidelines and procedure steps for complicated treatments, which will be handed out to new doctors
  • Patient files to stock in the case of treatment
  • Prescriptions to give the patient to buy the medicine
  • Information about diseases (pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, brochures) that hospitals hand out to visitors

3. Banking (for account records and employee records)

Banks have multiple employees and account members to keep track of. They also have to sort out their sectors and customers based on categories (wealth management customers, corporate customers, small businesses) which require multiple papers to keep straight.

Digital printing in Dubai can help digitize the following documents in the banking sector:

  • Employee records
  • Account records
  • Loan paperwork for accounts
  • Credit and CIBIL paperwork

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