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Xerox Versant 280 Press

Get Printing Done Faster with Xerox Versant 280 Press

An all-in-one, state-of-the-art production press, reimagined for faster turnaround and profit-building. Perfect for a small-to-medium production office.

Suppose you’ve just started running a production press and are looking for the machine to get it all done. In the production world, you have only a few hours to deliver high-quality prints! Is there a machine that can get this done? Yes, yes, there is.

The Xerox Versant 280 press is the most adaptable press printer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi! It comes with application flexibility, a suite of shiny colours, impressive speed and printing volumes, and excellent image quality (which means you can see your prints in all their beauty).

Xerox stands for quality and the brand name stands for prominence. With a Xerox press in your office, you'll be able to get the print jobs with multi-national companies! What's a little cost for such fabulous returns?

  • Toner variety including CMYK, Vivid Specialty toner, and Fluorescent Specialty Toner
  • High-quality images
  • Fast (printing rate – 80 pages per minute)
  • Reasonable running and maintenance costs
  • Huge printing volume (capable of delivering 80000 pages in a month)
  • Robust and secure printing for sensitive documents
  • Professional-grade finishing
  • Customizable and feature-rich
Install this machine – here’s what it can do for your production press!

Impress your customers with a variety of printed materials

Once you install this machine, you can now accept all the client jobs! The Versant 280 prints in a suite of CMYK+ colours, which means you can meet any requirement for any industry! Versant 280 provides thicker stock media options for collaterals with heavy stocks (business cards, wide brochures, or even billboards). You can print various speciality colours to draw people in with colourful media – including new three-dimensional colours such as white, gold, silver, clear, and fluorescent!

With the Versant 280, for special projects, swap a standard CMYK toner with a Vivid Specialty Toner Set – and watch as the colours shine on your products! Best of all, you can print personalized materials for each client, impress them with folders – practically anything that can be printed on paper! Get value to your products and services portfolio!

Fulfil all deadlines with an impressive printing speed!

Delivering stunning quality very quickly – the hallmark of a Versant press! The Versant 280 can print up to 80 pages in a minute and deliver 80000 pages in a month. For in-house productions, speed and registration are a priority to get those client deadlines completed! The Xerox Versant 280 digital press gives you the freedom to respond to small and medium-sized daily productions from day one!

With this machine, gain an edge over the competition in terms of cost control and technical specifications. Improve productivity and the way you manage complex projects. Reduce delivery time and made our product offer for end customers much more attractive financially. Perform according to your high standards and meet all customer requirements at the same time.

The Versant 280’s professional-grade finishing means that the output will be ready for presentation immediately! It includes an array of options and a suite of automatic enhancements that improve workflows and streamlines production. The Versant 280 is a reliable and cost-effective machine for light to medium printing needs.

If you want to lease, hire or buy the printer online, whether it’s the Versant 280 or any other Xerox press, contact us at www.offers.cadreprographics.com