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Xerox Versalink C7030

Xerox Versalink C7030 –Your modern workplace assistant!

A Print expert from CAD Reprographics LLC in conversation with the design head of a small business on getting the best paper to bring beautiful documentation to life based on their vision and print requirements.

Expert: This is an easy problem.

In business, it’s important to be reliable, connected, and ready to handle your needs and requirements. You’re telling me that your business needs constantly evolving. You have plenty of tasks to complete, and you want excellent documentation. I have the perfect machine for you!

Whenever you turn on this work machine, just imagine playing with a smartphone. You can command the machine through a series of apps rather than a menu. And each app is an innovative solution to one business need! That’s right, The Xerox VersaLink C7030 gives you this intuitive (and fun) user experience through its customizable 7-inch touchscreen control panel.

There is a reason it is the most efficient, reliable, and hassle-free multifunction printer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Just imagine having the VersaLink C7030 in your office. You get all your copying done in-house, and save so much time and money every month through effective documentation.

One of the things I love discussing about Xerox is how much the brand stands for innovation and quality. Let me prove to you how innovation is baked into every part of this machine.

Business Head: How does this product give me solutions to my business needs?

Look at the cloud-printing button. With this, you can print from anywhere in the world with a mobile device. That means as long as you’ve got someone to supervise in the office, you can even print those necessary documents on vacation! You can fully run a remote business.

And I know you worry, like most businessman, whenever you send a document. You’re worried that the information is correct, and too many times, you hit the print key without checking whether it’s correct. But now, if you spend five minutes, you get to check the accuracy of each document through the Scan and Fax Preview page before print.

Think about it. Not only would this help you sleep better at night, it would foster a culture of checking documents for your organization!

Business Head: You mentioned there’d be apps for my needs… how does this help me?

The Versalink C7030 includes a suite of ConnectKey apps, including several from third-party developers, that fulfil all your business needs. For each new need, you, add the corresponding required app from the Xerox App Gallery.

For instance, I know you want to access international markets for clients. The optional Xerox Easy Translator app helps you translate a document into any language you want. That means you can learn and execute their native languages, and impress clients from around the world.

I know your printing needs are getting more diverse. But you can scan and convert paper into the format you need if you install the app called CapturePoint. Xerox nurtures your diversity.

Business Head: Will my employees be able to easily use the machine?

Yes, 100%. The touchscreen knows which apps will become critical for you. It’ll automatically sort critical apps and functions to the top of the screen and place them in order so you don’t even have to look. Just let your muscle memory and the machine guide you.

Each of your employees can get a unique User ID and password. Once they log in, they get to create a personalized home screen where they can enjoy fast and secure access to task-specific presents, their favourite contacts, and their most used apps.

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