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Xerox Versalink C405

Xerox Versalink C405: Big business in a small machine

A compact machine with high output capabilities, perfect for small groups to produce the output that can acquire big business. Read this post to understand why this machine is worth the slightly higher-than-market rate.

The Xerox Versalink C405/DN prints well, reasonably fast, and comes with a wealth of features including two-sided scanning, printing, copying, emailing, and faxing capabilities. It is a great fit for the small company, with its low-to-moderate volume and is perfect for medium-sized offices and workgroups.

Read our guide to understand more about this machine’s capabilities.

1. Tricked out with all the standard features

You can configure your C405/DN from a 5-inch tablet with touchscreen, that has the entire control panel. Perform tasks such as making copies, printing from the cloud, or printing from a USB thumb drive, from the panel. The C405/DN has a 700-sheet input capacity, which are split between a 550-sheet drawer and a 150-sheet drawer.

You can add another tray for 550 sheets, bringing the total up to 1250 sheets. It has a maximum duty cycle of 80000 pages. Although this is an extensive capacity, you are recommended to keep the monthly print volumes between 2000-6000 pages per month.

The printer churns at 14 pages per minute, as it images the entire page in memory before printing it in one swift pass.

2. Take advantage of brilliant connectivity and security

One of the most significant features of the C405/DN is its connectivity. To start with, it supports Ethernet and USB 3.0 connectivity. Its other mobile connectivity features include:

  • Apple AirPrint
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Mopria
  • Xerox Print Service Plug-In for Android
  • Xerox Mobile Cloud Print
  • PrintBy Xerox

Another important quality is the machine’s security, which is extensive. They include access control, 256-bit encryption, an audit log, user authentication, domain filtering, IP address filtering, and certificate path validation. You can restrict printing access by user or department by trying out the Secure Print feature. Thanks to this security, each user of the machine can sign in to his or her individually configured control panel, and you can restrict access accordingly.

For example, if they are working from home, you can refuse access to certain sections that require them to be in the office.

3. Buy this printer for the highest of quality

The other most striking thing about the C405/DN is its clean quality of print. All text comes out well-shaped and easy to read in all the sizes. The legibility of text is valid even with tiny sizes such as 4 point-font. The C405/DN’s quality is excellent for any business applications, contracts, or proposals, all of which have plenty of fine print, and should impress any prospective client easily.

The graphics quality and fills come out uniformly, and gradients flow between colours effortlessly without any blurring or sharpness. If you want to print photographs, this machine produces excellent photos with bright colours and accurate detail.

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