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best printer for Home and Office

Looking out for the best printer for Home and Office use?

Suppose you're looking for a product with good value for money, which is speedy, reliable, and supports various printing types, including duplex printing, secure printing, and direct printing. In comparison to the other machines in the market, two options you can consider are the Xerox Versalink B400DN and the Epson ALMX200DWF. So, which is the best printer for home and office use?

Xerox Versalink B400 DN vs. Epson ALMX200DWF – a comparison

Print speed and warm-up

The Xerox Versalink B400 DN has a print speed of 47 ppm (pages per minute), but the Epson is only a 30-ppm laser printer. Print speed indicates how fast the machine can print the content on a single black and white A4 page at high quality. A faster print speed means that the Xerox printer is more effective and can manage larger print jobs faster than the Epson printer.

However, the Epson ALMX200DWF has a faster warm-up time and takes only 7 seconds to print the first page (black, normal), but the Xerox Versalink B400 DN takes eight seconds, making it one second slower. The Epson’s faster boot-up time means that the you won’t have to wait too long for it to start up when you want to print.

Printer Security for sensitive documents

The Xerox Versalink B400 DN supports secure printing. However, Epson ALMX200DWF does not. Secure printing is a unique security mode that allows you to queue up print jobs, but you can only print each one once you input a unique security code. When it comes to sensitive documents, you can print them only when you need them, rather than printing them off immediately and leaving them in the tray for anyone to read!

Connectivity and Touch screen capabilities

The Xerox Versalink B400 DN has a touchscreen capability, but the Epson ALMX200DWF does not. The presence of a touch screen makes it far easier to control the machine than relying on a series of complicated buttons to print your way through. The advancement of touchscreens makes the Xerox Versalink B400 DN the best laser printer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

However, the Epson supports Wi-Fi printing, whereas the Xerox VersaLink B400DN does not. This means that with the Epson ALMX200DWF, you can print documents from wherever you are, whereas with the Xerox, you have to be in the physical presence of the machine.

Printing Types and Compatibility

The Xerox Versalink B400 DN handles various paper types including bond paper, envelopes, hole-punched paper, labels, letterheads, recycled paper, and reprinted forms. However, the Epson can print in various sizes including 210 x 297, 148 x 210, 176 x 250, and Executive, which the Xerox cannot. The Versalink is compatible with various operating systems including Windows, 7, 8, 10, Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 Server 2012 – on the other hand, the Epson is compatible with the Super G3 system.

Standard Output Capacity

The Xerox VersaLink B400DN has a standard output capacity of 250 sheets. However, the Epson ALMX200DWF has a 125 Sheets standard output capacity (a whole 125 sheets smaller than the Xerox.)

Here, standard output capacity indicates how many printed paper sheets the printer's output tray can hold before it begins to overflow. Having a bigger output capacity means that the printer can take on more or bigger jobs and orders at once. You can queue up all your printing jobs, sit back and relax, without stopping work to look after the printer or adding more paper! The Xerox printer does its job independently.

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