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CAD Reprographics LLC is a channel partner of Xerox across the Middle East. We have been selling award-winning printers for home and office use, for the past 15 years.

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Ensure better healthcare and patient experiences by automating and controlling relevant documents.


Digitize and automate your organization and its workflow. Improve organizational efficiency and cut down costs.

Construction & Engineering

Enhance customer and agent communication by automating workflow.


Enhance citizen and government communication and fast response by ensuring super-fast and automatic paperwork.

Copy, Print, Scan, Fax, Email, Cloud.
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Powerful and scalable.
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Xerox/photocopy machines are really useful devices. It's probably a mandatory thing in any office or business outlet. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, home offices are on the rise. One can use these machines both for the home and office. The convenience it offers includes a reduction in time, weekly printing spend, and the freedom and luxury of privacy. They are perfect for day to day use and capable of doing multiple jobs at the same time.
A key takeaway - when choosing the right printer or copier for you, consider factors such as the colours they print in, whether they use ink or toner, and their size. Here are some tips that might help.
  • Monochrome vs. Color printers - While monochrome printers cost less than colour printers, you need to decide the impact this will have on your branding and customers, as color images are typically more eye-catching
  • Home vs. SMB offices - Printers designed for home offices are typically of smaller size to conserve space. Lower-price desktop copiers are usually intended for individual use. If you are working out of an office, you might need to purchase a larger model that is built to suit the needs of a multipurpose office. These copiers include a variety of printing, scanning, and faxing capabilities, and can connect to vast networks.
  • Buying vs. leasing - You can purchase, leaser, or hire a printer. You need to decide your payment options based on issues such as tax incentives, maintenance, depreciation, and overall costs.
  • Inkjet vs. Laser - If your business only needs a small volume of printing but could use high-quality colour images, inkjet printers are the ones for you. They're also smaller and easily portable. Laser printers, on the other hand, are perfect for large print jobs and text-heavy documents. They print high volumes at fast speeds, averaging 20 pages per minute. Laser printers might be more expensive, but they might save you more money in the long run for good quality.
You can purchase, lease, or hire the machine. We accept cheques, bank transfers, or credit cards.
We do not offer customer support directly on behalf of CAD Reprographics. For customer support, we will transfer your queries to the appropriate customer services departments of Xerox.

50 companies signed up in the last week alone!

Only limited free demos are available. Get yours now!

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50 companies signed up in the last week alone!

Only limited free demos are available. Get yours now!

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