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Xerox-Microsoft Partnership

How the Xerox-Microsoft Partnership is Beneficial for Educational Institutions

Xerox-Microsoft partnership – an innovative win for educational institutions

Universal Print, available to Microsoft 365 users, provides companies and educational institutions with a convenient way to migrate their print serves to the cloud without the need to install drivers. It requires no local infrastructure and reduces IT overheads.

While Universal Print provides a centralized print management system for all Windows 10 devices, educational institutions can now go one step further with the Xerox Workplace Cloud solution. The Xerox partnership provides the perfect match to Universal Print. Xerox Workplace Cloud provides secure cloud connectivity and support for all operating systems, including Mac, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android.

The Complete Platform

Universal Print with Xerox Workplace Cloud together offers educational institutions a complete platform with advanced print management capabilities, comprehensive security, and mobility. The benefits include

Simple Setup – Enable a single Workplace Cloud print queue for all users. Centrally configure and manage your printer security settings

Keep it Secure – Pull print with card/badge or mobile authentication for convenience, document security, and release jobs on any printer. Define access to printers and services only to authorized users.

Cost Savings – Use print rules to limit print expenditure. Reporting and analytics tools can help monitor print costs and uncover cost-saving opportunities. 

Complete Mobility – Students can print their documents securely from their smartphones or any device and from any location. Even guest users can be authorized to print from their mobile devices.

Environmentally Friendly – Cloud printing helps your institution reduce its carbon footprint. Printing over the cloud reduces the total waste generated and lowers carbon emissions from transportation.

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Xerox Workplace Cloud offers educational institutions an innovative, flexible, and dependable print management solution. It is easy to get started as all Xerox office devices are compatible with the Universal Print connector. 

CAD Reprographics LLC is proud to be the authorized channel partner for Xerox. Contact us at www.cadreprographics.com. and our specialists will help your educational institution set up and get started with Universal Print and Xerox Workplace Cloud. Based on your current print environment, we can also identify opportunities for cost control and productivity.