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How Managed Print Services

How Managed Print Services (MPS) Still Holds an Important Place in the Insurance Sector

CAD Reprographics’ Managed Print Services help insurance agencies optimize, manage, and streamline their document environment.

Every day, your insurance firm might be losing money due to increasing market and cost pressures. In addition to this, the requirements for secure documentation and printing in the insurance sector could be complex, adding to the extra costs.

Insurance firms still use papers and hard copies of documents in their claims processes. However, with the fast-paced lives that everyone leads, they need to move the claims processes quickly while making the process as customer-friendly as possible.

The need of the hour is to partner with the right experts in Managed Print Services. These experts should have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and improve the end-user uptime, print and imaging quality, drive efficiency, elevate document security, and reduce costs.

Challenges faced by the Insurance Industry

While the insurance industry has overcome many obstacles, they still face some challenges. This includes streamlining the printing workflow, increasing efficiencies, and reducing the risk of cybercrimes. Along with this, insurance agencies also need to elevate the offsite and digital storage and retrieval of documents and improve the documentation process in the office.

Insurance agents still depend on hard copies of documents for claims and new businesses. This reduces operational efficiency slows down the processing time while simultaneously increasing compliance and security threats.

In addition to this, the insurance industry is constantly looking to improve documentation time (processing and printing) to save time and costs and deliver high-quality customer service. Here is where an expert partner that provides advanced Managed Print Services can help.

CAD Reprographics’ MPS is here to Save the Day

Our advanced Managed Print Services (MPS) enable a better customer experience and streamlined workflow. The MPS transforms labour-intensive tasks into secure and traceable digital workflows that enhance compliance.

You can depend on our MPS to streamline the workflow in your office and manage everything printing-related, from handling the various machines to the output. You can enjoy complete and accurate documentation for faster claims processing. We will also help your firm create traceable and secure workflows to increase security and decrease fraud.

With our MPS, you don’t need a slew of machines to do your printing job. Sometimes, with the number of devices, you could get overwhelmed and not even realize how much you are spending just the maintenance of the machines. With MPS, you can see a drastic reduction in print-related expenditure, and your billing process will also become simplified - for you and your customers!

In addition to this, our MPS also reduces the number of printed pages and documents. It prints out hard copies only when the user authenticates them. This significantly reduces costs and does not carry out tasks that could put sensitive information at risk.

Contact us atwww.offers.cadreprographics.com. and our Xerox MPS Specialists will visit you at your convenient time to understand your current print environment and identify opportunities for cost control and productivity. Let’s get started.