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Digital Printing can Transform

How Digital Printing can Transform the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry’s focus is on optimizing patient care processes. In order to achieve this, the healthcare industry relies on digitization and mobility – so here’s why digital printing can transform it.

CAD Reprographics LLC meets all printing challenges found in the healthcare sector: it guarantees print data security and fast printouts in the required quality – with any application, on any printer, and whether mobile or from any workstation.

Improve the day-to-day running of your hospital or clinic with optimized print management and reliable printing results. Take advantage of print data compression, bandwidth control, driver management and many other features.

Here's how digital printing in Dubai can help you as a healthcare professional:

1. Register all your patient data under one hub

Often in a healthcare setup, you care for patients by changing teams in shift operations, in different wards, and even mobile as outpatients. In these scenarios, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of the patients and what stage of treatment they are in.  With digital printing, you can ensure that you:

  • Store all your patient data in a single digitized hub
  • Convert data into files for you and your team members to access at any interval.
  • Can print these files from different workstations (even remote) always to the correct printer.
  • Your patient data can be editable and printable even from tablets and mobiles

You can also secure patient data by encrypting transmitted print data.

2. Stabilize your necessary document printing processes and have documents ready

The healthcare industry requires a huge number of documents for each patient – prescriptions, patient files, procedure guidelines, and more. All these documents have to be continuously updated and ready before each appointment, as well as during and after a change in the treatment. The presence of an optimized digital printing system will transform the way your document printing processes work.

  • Say goodbye to piles of unnecessary papers lying around.
  • Queue up the perfect document to print just when you need it
  • Make as many copies as you need for the patient and the other doctors.

3. Save time and money by cutting down on printing needs and overhead expenses.

Often in a healthcare setup, there is fewer staff providing for increasing numbers of patients. As a result, there is a drive to cut down on overhead expenses overall. With CAD Reprographics’ easy-to-implement print system, reduce administrative overhead and print-related helpdesk enquiries. Digital printing in Dubai:

  • Drives down the cost of IT through server consolidation,
  • Lowers your bandwidth needs,
  • Enables flexible use of existing printers and low-cost clients,
  • Pull printing to save on paper and toner,
  • Helps you identify and eliminate all cost drivers.

Contact CADReprographics LLC to take advantage of our digital printing services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at our website www.cadreprographics.com.