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Better Security

Here’s Why you Should Archive Documents for Better Security

Data archiving improve records management, whether you have computer files or paper documents.

What is data archiving?

Simply put, document archiving means storing documents no longer in use in a secure place for extended periods of time. Digital document archiving involves the digitization of the documents. The documents will be scanned and stored digitally. Many companies opt for digital data archiving since it consumes less space, is easier to manage, easily accessible, and is safe.

Why is archiving important?

Archiving is vitally important for efficient information management and gives businesses more control over their information storing processes. When any business grows, more data will be created, and the data need to be meticulously managed and monitored for optimum use. This is when efficient data archiving helps.

For security, the key reason for archiving is to prevent the risk of losing data or having it end up in the wrong hands.

Here are some reasons why archiving and security go hand in hand.

  • Permissions ensure that only those authorized can access files, thus reducing the risk of confidentiality breaches.
  • You can make the document ‘read-only’ to ensure that no data is altered, no data is lost
  • Data archiving with limitless storage ensures you have a record for legal compliance
  • There will always be back-up
  • There are limited number of copies with limited access
  • You will no longer have paper documents that can be removed from the workplace
  • You will not risk losing your documents to fire or other types of natural disasters

Who can archive?

In general, all businesses need to have a sound data archiving solution. Establishing your data archiving from the get-go will keep you organized if you are a new company. However, a young company may not have a lot of data to archive, so you might be unnecessarily paying a lot of money.

If you are an older company, you will surely have a lot of paperwork to be digitized. No time is better than now to get started!

Businesses typically archive documents based on need and time. The key to archiving staying well ahead of the game so you will remain organized, prevent paperwork from piling up and reduce the risk of data loss.

The Xerox D70n Scanner is your Ultimate Archiving Partner

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