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Experience Efficiency

Experience Efficiency at the Tips of Your Fingers

Enjoy your personal office assistant that empowers your team to do more than ever.

Discover a new standard of productivity with the highly intuitive touchscreen interface with the VersaLink printers. This life-changing hack has mobile-like ease and helps you get more work done around the office quicker and more efficiently. It also guides you through tasks from start to finish and significantly reduces the steps to reach your goals.

With the tiltable 5-inch colour screen, you can tap, swipe, and navigate your way with ease through the machine. This new feature ensures fewer steps are required to reach your printing goals, even with the more complex jobs. What’s more, users can also customize their layout to their convenience to get more work done faster.

Keeping users as a priority, the software places critical and commonly used functions at the top, where it is easily accessible.

Here are some ways your lives will change with the touchscreen interface for the better.

Optimize office efficiency

You can speed through your jobs with just a simple touch. You will be required to save some settings such as user IDs and passwords just once, and your job is done! Zoom through your day with secure and easy access to all the functions on a customized home screen. This is made easier with the Preloaded Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps that expand functionality like the Xerox® Easy Translator Service app, a gamechanger in the print industry that translates scanned documents into numerous languages.

Ease of use

Most people are familiar with the usual combination of buttons – however confusing they can be. But, reaching out and touching the screen comes intuitively to everyone, even those without a tech background. The touchscreen reduces training time and benefits users with multiple tasks since using the intuitive screen requires less concentration than the buttons.

Speed of jobs

It was mentioned in the beginning, and we are reiterating, this touchscreen increases the speed of tasks. With regular copiers, the users approach them with a certain level of confusion since they know they will have to figure out for themselves how to navigate the buttons. However, all the common tasks are available front and centre with the touchscreen! Users are free to select their icons directly without the painful task of deciphering confusing symbols. They can get their job done without any extra time spent figuring out what to do!

Anyone can use this!

This cannot be said enough. The touchscreen is accommodating to anyone irrespective of their physical issues that might make a traditional button setup to use. For instance, people with arthritis can directly access icons on the screen, and it can be made easier with a stylus or a pointing device.

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