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Bind and deliver your annual reports in style to stakeholders!

Have you been given the tedious task of putting together the annual reports this year for the company? With CAD Reprographics, you can get high-quality reports bound and delivered to anyone who needs it.

Every year, annual reports have to be put out and delivered to the company’s stakeholders, who expect them on their desks in an orderly and easily-readable format. Are you the one in charge and worried about how to get it done? With CAD Reprographics, you can get high-quality reports bound and delivered to the workplace to impress them all!

You just need to decide what report binding you want to use! Read our guide to three main styles, with the strengths and weaknesses of each!

1. Fold up and glue your pages nicely with perfect binding

If you are looking for reports that present a sense of sophistication and professionalism, then you should consider perfect binding. This method is usually used for magazines, paperback books, and especially extensive reports and research papers. Here, the pages are folded into sections and carefully glued to the exterior cover along the spine, using a strong adhesive that will last (such as PUR glue, or crazy glue).

Perfect bound reports look glossy, finished, and appealing, keeping the colours bright and the clarity of text and images high. The one downside is that you cannot open them flat, but honestly – the rest of the benefits make the report worth it.

2. Make them easily readable and viewable with wire binding or spiral binding

Saddle-stitch binding is the slightly tougher but more cost-effective alternative to perfect binding, and probably the neatest and easiest method of binding reports as well. Here, your pages are folded down and creased down the centre line to be stapled together.

The one downside of saddle-stitch binding is that the documents are limited to around 48 pages, which may be an issue depending on how long your annual report is. However, if you are binding smaller bi-annual or quarterly reports, this method is absolutely perfect for you. For more sizeable reports, you might want to consider spiral binding instead.

3. Put together small reports easily with saddle-stitch binding

Spiral binding, also known as wire binding or coil binding, is CAD Reprographics LLC’s speciality method. Here, we use a durable metal coil to bind pages together along the spine of the book or report. The main advantage of spiral binding is that enables your pages to open freely and does not require you to hold them in place. This is highly beneficial in the case of your end-of-year presentation, as attendees can open the report easily and reference specific pages. Spiral bound documents can be created for anywhere between 4 and 180 leaves – or 360 sides – means that this method is versatile and has endless applications.

Contact CADReprographics LLC to take advantage of our digital printing services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at our website www.cadreprographics.com. Bind and deliver high-quality reports in less than a week! We deal with your documents with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.