CAD Reprographics LLC File Upload

It couldn’t be easier to upload your files to us – simply follow the instructions below:

Step - 1: In the transfer box below, click the ‘+ Add Files’ button and select the files you’d like to send us

Step - 2: Leave the ‘To’ line as

Step - 3: Add your own email address in the ‘Your Email’ line

Step - 4: In the message section, please let us know who you are, how we can contact you, your job number (if you have one) and any relevant member of staff you’ve been dealing with

Step - 5: Click the ‘Transfer’ button

Step - 6: Do not close the window or change page until you receive the "✔ Transfer complete" message.

Your upload reference will be 20180718170217 - please quote this in any correspondance with us.

If you have any difficulties, let us know - you can find our details on the contact page.